Your Donations Provide Shelter in Nepal

temporary shelter in NepalOne of the many ways One World – One Heart Foundation is using your generous donations to provide relief to those impacted by the April, 2015 earthquakes in Nepal is by building temporary shelters like the one pictured here.  There are areas where nearly all of the buildings were destroyed by the earthquake and the avalanches they triggered.  Getting people warm, dry accommodations is of the utmost importance in these areas.

To facilitate this One World – One Heart Foundation has been working with our sister organization DCWC Nepal to build sturdy, long-term temporary shelters like the one pictured here. Not only does this project create shelter as people work to rebuild their permanent homes, it is providing desperately needed jobs in the villages as well.

Amazingly these shelters only cost $125.00!  

So, why  not get a few friends or family members together and build someone a home this Holiday Season!  It would take only a few people to donate $10 – $20 before you had enough to construct a full home.   And of course donations are welcome in ANY amount!  Each and every dollar helps in so many ways – and 100% of every donation goes directly to Nepal!  One World – One Heart Foundation is a fully volunteer run organization and as such we have no overhead or other costs; which enables us to donate every penny raised to Nepal!  So please join us in “People Helping People” and Give the gift that keeps on giving by providing shelter for those in Nepal who have none.

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