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    One World - One Heart Foundation

    "People Helping People"

  • Himalayan mountains nepal


    Learn more about the land, the people, and the culture in the Himalayan region we serve.

  • Happy Nepal School Children


    Providing educational services and support to the children of Nepal.

  • One World One Heart Foundation Nepal Medical Camps

    Medical Camps

    Health care services for those living in remote villages around the Langtang region.

  • Nepalese Women

    Women and Children

    Creating programs that help and empower women and children.

  • DCWC hospital Nepal

    DCWC Hospital Project

    A community hospital project in the district of Kavre created by our sister organization, DCWC

  • restoration work in Nepal


    Building and restoring schools, monasteries, temples, stupas and other sacred sites.


Our Mission:

We are a non-profit dedicated to ‘People Helping People’, improving the lives of those in need in Nepal.

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Through heartfelt concern, empathy and kindness, there is a deep awareness of the suffering of others and a profound desire to help relieve that suffering. Through compassion for all sentient beings, we can heal and empower others as well as ourselves resulting in a world of loving-kindness.

Compassion is our practice


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The act of generosity is how we can be of service, create change, and connect and share through kindness and an open heart.  The gift of giving and ‘people helping people’ contributes to the overall well being of our entire world.  It is only when we are generous and giving that we can truly practice receiving.

Generosity is our essence


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By way of elevating our human greatness, it allows us to practice integrity in our ethics, values, moral principles, honesty, and actions.  In turn, we develop the ability to affect the world by aligning with our wholeness and our oneness honestly, with our hearts wide open for the greater good of all.

Integrity is our virtue