Women and Children

women's group in nepalDespite the fact that Nepal is a country of incredible natural diversity and wonderful people, the challenges for women and children in Nepal are daunting. In both rural and heavily populated areas of Nepal, women and children endure incredible hardship.

With Nepal’s entrenched poverty, gender and caste discrimination along with the many issues related to over a decade of civil war and unrest, the rights of women and children suffer greatly. Even though there has been significant progress in the status of Nepali women and children following the end of the civil war, matters such as healthcare, employment, education, social and political equality remain some of the worst in the world.

Nepal is home to 29 million people with children younger than 15 years of age making up more than 40% of the population. The United Nations estimates that over a million children have been orphaned and/or displaced due to the civil war. In addition to the orphaned children, when women lose their husbands through war or illness, they are also considered orphans. These women and children along with countless others in Nepal face on-going struggles related to social disadvantages, unsafe work environments, human trafficking, child labor issues, child abuse and domestic violence. One World-One Heart Foundation is committed to working with and improving the lives of these women and children through self- empowerment.

beautiful Nepalese girlWhat We Do

We provide financial support for:

  • General education for women and children.
  • On-going education and workshops focused on health and hygiene.
  • Programs to develop safe workplace skills for women and children.
  • Education and promotion of fair trade and labor.
  • Sponsorship of small women owned and operated businesses.
  • ‘Mother’s Groups’ that promote self-sufficiency.
  • Community projects and development.
  • Advocacy training to promote social changes that safeguard the rights of women and children.
  • Forums and workshops to raise awareness of violence against women and children.
  • Teaching youth about issues of violence.
  • Educational programs that include men’s awareness and support of positive treatment of women and children.

Every dollar that is donated to these programs makes an incredible difference to empower and manifest change in their lives. Please help to make a difference in the lives of Nepalese women and children by clicking our logo and making a tax deductible contribution of any size to One World One Heart Foundation Women and Children Program.

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