The Co-Founders

One World One Heart Co Founders joey and karla in Nepal.joey blue

joey resides in Taos, New Mexico, where she has a private practice working in psychotherapy, trauma recovery and intuitive hands-on healing.  She is a gifted sight and intuitive healer with a focus on bringing consciousness into the body, mind and soul.  Her gifts as an intuitive enhance her teaching abilities in bringing insight into each student’s healing process and greater path work.  She supports and honors students on a soul level, bringing into the light the beauty of each person’s inner healer, their higher self and inner wisdom.  joey assists in creating a space where wisdom, love and healing have room to flourish allowing us all to learn and grow together.  She has her Masters degree in Psychotherapy and is currently working on her PhD in Parapsychic Science.  She is an avid traveler and has studied with many shamanic practitioners around the world.

joey blue and karla demers trekking in Nepal
Karla Joy Demers

Karla’s devotion to her own personal healing and spiritual growth work is based upon the integration of one’s whole being. Her unique and loving ability in teaching helps to guide others in discovering their own beautiful core essence. Karla believes healing work is part of her life’s purpose and she approaches it with integrity, compassion, honor and respect while guiding and witnessing others on their own personal healing journey.  Karla’s high energy and intuitive knowledge allows for creating a safe, open and loving environment which supports each individual’s personal work and process.   She has her BA in Art and is simultaneously working on her Masters in Holistic Health and a PhD in Parapsychic Science.  Committed to her growth in all ways, Karla continues to train with her shamanic teachers and in various other alternative healing modalities.

For more information on teachings offered by joey and Karla please visit the Snowlion Center School