The One World - One Heart Advisory Board

nepal-8-langtang-remote-vilOur advisory board members have been important teachers of our One World-One Heart Foundation’s values of Compassion, Generosity and Integrity. With them and YOU our donors, we are provided the opportunity to be of service.

Our advisory board in Nepal is one of the most important aspects of our foundation, next to YOU, our donors. It is from here that we set our intentions on how to work in another country. It is important to One World-One Heart Foundation that we are open to different cultural ways and support the indigenous cultures we work with. This is done with the use of great respect and integrity. We honor our advisory board’s wisdom, respect, knowledge, culture and their ability to understand what they need to do to support their villages, people, culture and their counties needs. We do this by raising the funds needed for the projects they determined to be of most importance.

Empowerment of ones destiny is our gift to the people of Nepal. Who have taught us about their beliefs, culture and need to do things in their traditional ways, at their own pace.  It is here that we honor our oneness.

From One World-One Heart Foundation we say, be who you are, find your way, and be in peace and love. For your ways have been teaching us how to open our hearts and show our compassion, generosity and integrity.

We here at One World-One Heart Foundation are here to offer you financial, emotional and unconditional support from a place of trust in you to know your path and knowing we do not always know what is best. We truly value each of our diversity, culture and the parts of us that are different. Our diversities are the very things that make our world such a beautiful place.

Chhowang Nepal Advisory Board Member for One World One Heart Foundation

* Nepal Advisory Board Member Chhowang Thiley Tamang.

* We would like to take some time to honor our Nepal board member Chhowang Thiley Tamang, and his 9 advisory board members who died in the landslide in Langtang Village after the First Nepal Earthquake on April 25, 2015.  We have no words to express our deep sadness and grief to hear of your passing of life here on this planet.  We will miss you our dear brother, Chhowang and friends. You have a beautiful soul and were so giving of service, kindness and compassion to your community and to us.  We will be chanting for you dear one. Be in Peace, and we will see you again. We are sending love to you and your family.

Om Ah Hum, Benza Guru, Padme Shiddhi Hum.