DCWC Hospital Project

The Development of Children andcwc-header-273-highd Women Center (DCWC), our wonderful sister non-profit organization in Nepal, is our partner, founder, and operator of the Hospital Project.  Established in 2000, DCWC focuses on providing health care as well as the construction and operation of schools and educational workshops based on the needs of women and children.

We are honored to work with DCWC and its founder,  Akka Lama. We are so blessed to find such a compassionate group of individuals to assist in carrying out our mission. We have also been able to partner with other international non-profit organizations to strengthen the embodiment of our vision for this hospital.
We work collaboratively to ensure that the hospital continues to grow and serve the area’s remote communities. With select non-profits joining forces, we have been able to unite our resources and man-power to build and maintain the DCWC hospital.

It is a source of pride to report that these organizations are operated by volunteers and that 100% of all donations go directly to services rendered in Nepal.
DCWC Hospital NepalThere is a great need for rural hospitals in Nepal. Because of this, in 2007 DCWC along with its partners took on the task of building a full service community hospital and pharmacy in Rajbash, Nepal.  After securing the funds, construction began on this fifteen bed hospital and in September of 2010, the hospital opened its doors to the public.

Along with the hospital, a pharmacy and four wheel drive ambulance were also added to better serve the complete district. This area is home to approximately 120,000 people. When the hospital originally opened its doors, it provided services to approximately 50 people each day. Over the years, the numbers have increased to approximately 200 people each day.

The hospital project’s largest challenge is finding the funds to continue the day-to-day operations of the hospital, pharmacy and ambulance service. To keep the hospital open, approximately $40,000 US dollars per year is needed. Money donated to the hospital provides medical services, supplies, salaries, maintenance, and ambulance services.

We are grateful to everyone who has been involved in helping this dream become a reality. It has truly impacted thousands of people’s lives. Now with your generous help we will be able to keep providing these services for years to come.

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Join us in “People Helping People” by clicking the button below and making a donation to One World – One Heart Foundation.

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