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unloading earthquake relief supplies in NepalCurrently, One World – One Heart Foundation is collecting funds to help with the basic needs in Nepal – That being blankets, tents, water, food and clothing –  in primarily the remote villages of the Himalayan mountains. These areas are very difficult to get to and people must trek into them hand carrying the supplies at this point.

Not only that, in managing parts of the situation by sending funds over to Nepal directly, it allows for us to help the economy rebound from a very difficult situation. We are having the tents made and purchased in Nepal along with the blankets etc.  This gives people a job and a wage.  In addition, it also gives those people trekking the supplies into the communities a wage they would not otherwise have right now either.  This is of major importance because due to the earthquake, Nepal has lost the majority of its income streams, including one of its largest, tourism.  This means many people have lost loved ones, their homes, everything that they own, and they also currently have no jobs.

blankets for Nepal.As part of our mission in Nepal, it’s very important that we help those we serve find a way to be self-sufficient and provide for their families. So in the spirit of “People helping People”, we are, in most cases, adopting this policy to help them begin to earn a personal income again and rebuild their lives in their way.

You can help the people of Nepal regain their livelihood by making a tax deductible contribution in any amount to One World – One Heart Foundation.  Every dollar goes a long way and makes a huge difference. We Invite you to give generously by sending a check to

One World-One Heart Foundation

PO Box 1840

822 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur

Ranchos de Taos, NM, 87557

or go to our website to donate via PayPal. We appreciate everything that you are giving and we appreciate all the people on the ground in Nepal who help take our funds and put them into action. Without you, we cannot do this!
We are praying for you with love and light!

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