More on the Nepal Earthquake and Relief Efforts

Damaged Roads after Nepal Earthquake by Ashutosh Neupane via BBC Online

Damaged Roads after Nepal Earthquake by Ashutosh Neupane via BBC Online

As a day has passed, there is more information on the Nepal Earthquake.  Over 2,000 now are feared dead with many,  many more injured.  Aftershocks rattled the area and kept everyone on edge.  Rescue crews in Kathmandu continue to search for survivors and residents are sleeping outside because the buildings remain unstable.

One World One Heart Foundation  Medical Team Update

Our medical team is split up right now, but all are safe.  Bob Blair and Gerald Quintana were trekking and are in the mountains with guides.  They are all safe and have plenty of water and food. The rest of the group is in the town of Pokhara (see map below right).  This area  has had minor disturbances and is having small aftershocks.  However, it does not have high buildings like Kathmandu.

We are currently working with the US Embassy to get the entire medical team back to the United States and home safe.  This is not likely to take place though until 7 to 10 days from now.

Nepal map by Google

Nepal map by Google

Currently, we are also looking to verify the safety of a few dear friends and their families who we haven’t heard from yet.

Earthquake Relief Efforts

If you’d like to support the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, One World One Heart Foundation is in a special position to be able to help you do that.  We have a long established relationship with two other nonprofits in that region we’re working with to provide aid, one being Himalayan Quests – Medical Camps and the other being DCWC.  

Through these local non profits in Nepal, and the team at One World One Heart Foundation, we’re able to use 100% of your donation for the people in Nepal.   This means no administrative overhead costs like salaries, or rent.  Everything is done with the help of our amazing volunteers so you’re truly giving to the people of Nepal.

For instructions on how to make a donation to One World One Heart Foundation’s earthquake relief efforts please visit our donate page.  You’ll be able to donate via Pay Pal or through a personal check (simply mark Earthquake Relief on the memo).  Thank you for your prayers and kindness for all the beings in this beautiful, yet devastated area.


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