One World One Heart Foundation, Dr. Del, and The Taos News

Recently, one of our US Advisory Board Members, Dr. Del Endres, was quoted in the Taos News regarding her experience with One World One Heart Foundation, our mission, our founding, and our Women and Children Project – one of the 5 projects we run to help people living in rural Nepal.  Here’s what she said… “The mission of the One World One Heart Foundation is: “Facilitating self-sufficiency and health through education and community development for the people of Langtang, Nepal with particular emphasis on the needs and potential of women and children.”The co-founders of the One World One Heart Foundation (OWOH) are joey blue and Karla Joy Demers and its genesis began with joey’s first trekking vacation there in 1997. Later, Karla Joy Demers became involved and the two explored the countryside, forming bonds with the people and gaining an understanding of their history, culture, and needs. The people’s deep spirituality and respect for life resonated with both.The challenges for women and children in this remote area at the base of the Himalayas are daunting. Culturally, women who are widowed through war or illness are considered “orphans” as they have not been equipped to earn their own living. Consequently, they are forced into yet another dependency relationship when widowed—they become reliant on neighbors and family for food and other needs for themselves and their children. The founders discovered how just a small amount of money can make tremendous change in their lives. Donating personal funds, the founders set up a handicrafts workshop from which the women earn their living, moving from severe impoverishment to self-sufficiency. Similarly, they tripled the... read more